Friday, December 26, 2008

Spreading the Christmas Cheer

I hope everyone had a good Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa and if I left some other holiday out, then you'll just be out of luck!

To extend the spirit of giving a little longer, I am going to give away this drawing. All you have to do is leave a good holiday memory here and on January 1st I will randomly select one of the commentors, and mail it to them free of charge. Merry Christmas and have a happy and safe New Years!


Kevin L said...

Capoeira Fighter 3 is better than Street Fighter 3! Cool cool characters! Good job!

m3ng said...

Guess I better post a comment then!

Good Holiday memory: falling asleep on the couch with the family watching "The Polar Express". How could I possibly resist?

Love seeing you post your work on your blog, keep it up!

gemini82 said...

My Holiday memory:

My moms been wanting a flat screen TV for over two years. After losing my job a few months back, I've been strapped for cash,she was kind enough to open her home and give me my own studio space. Well in October I decided it was time to start saving for the Tele. Well by the blessings of God I managed to get a freelance gig, without solicitation.

So come Christmas morning I hauled her old TV to the attic. I yelled for her to come up stairs, while I ran down stairs in order to sneak the tele through the back door. See came running down stairs Yelling," Chris what did you do with my...." Stopping mid sentence she saw the new TV sitting under the tree.

I've given gifts before but this time it just felt damn good to bring some else joy. Given How hard my mother works.

Jesse Larsen said...

Alrighy Adam, here's my comment. I am jealous of your mad figure drawing skills. This one is also very, very sweet. Merry Christmas.

Lash LeRoux said...

Your figure drawings are phenomenal, Adam!

My Christmas memory is a bit long, but quite wonderful: I lived a very impoverished childhood. My mom, who quit school in the eighth grade, had five kids; so, it was often quite difficult for her to make ends meet. It was not uncommon for us to go months at a time without electricity or sometimes even running water.

One Christmas, in 1985, when I was eleven years old, we found ourselves without electricity on Christmas Eve. It was uncommonly cold that year, and our furnace was an electric one. To say we were a bit miserable, sitting around by candlelight and freezing, would be an understatement. There are few things less comfortable than trying to sleep with a heavy coat on. At about eight o'clock that night, there was a knock on the door. It was a middle-aged gentleman and his wife from out church. They had paid the past due electric bill for us, and had somehow convinced the necessary people to leave their home on Christmas Eve in order to restore our power immediately.

The gentleman who brought this wonderful Christmas surprise to us, remains to this day to be the closest thing to a father I have ever known. I was employed by him from age nine, until age nineteen, when I signed a contract with WCW and traveled the world as a professional wrestler. He was a great influence on me, and helped a poor kid from rural Alabama realize that anything is possible, regardless of the environment you are raised in. He continues today to be my closest friend.

Ken said...

Hope you had a good Christmas too! I always loved your life drawing.. inspiring stuff. Hmmm holiday memory... I dont think I can compete with the ones above! Happy Hogmany when it comes!

Mark Behm said...

When I was a wee tike, I asked Santa for rocket-boots like the kid in the Godzilla movie. He dropped the ball and I'm not sure I ever really forgave him.

FormFinder said...

Merry Christmas to you! Great Life drawing - would love to put it up in the studio. I check your blog often to see the fantastic work you keep churning out. Every Christmas has been speacial. This year we were especially low on funds, but once we got everyone together (not an easy task), it didn't really matter.

marcobucci said...

I was probably 10 years old, and a huge fan of the movie Home Alone. My parents had left the house to do some shopping, and they left me there. Some unknown person knocked at the door. I summoned up all the courage that I had, opened up my micro-machine collection, and strategically placed them in front of the door, to trip the person in case they wanted to break in.

Later on, my parents get a phone call from my Aunt, saying she had dropped by to deliver some Christmas presents...knocked at the door, and saw what she thought was their son kneeling down, picking the hairs out of the rug, easily within earshot of the door-knocking.

Regardless of whether that story's a winner, great drawing and Happy New Year!

sa said...