Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts, and double apologies for the lameness of this post (Kincade anyone?). I have been in crunch for a long time. We just had a new addition to our family as well. She is healthy, beautiful and her name is Sarah. On top of that, tomorrow is my last day at Avalanche. I have the honor of being asked to be the Art Director at Chair Entertainment They made the Phenomenal game Shadow Complex. I am looking forward to the bright future there. Hoping that I can meet their high precedence, while raising the bar. Meeting with the folks at Chair and Epic has been a sheer delight. They have all the reasons in the world to be high brow and arrogant but they exude nothing but down to earth, humble, classy, professionalism.
I have been very blessed and fortunate to work with the folks at Avalanche. I think their blogs don't do them enough service. They are some of the most phenomenal guys you can meet. It is one thing for them to be excellent artists but another thing entirely when their character surpasses that ten fold.
Hopefully I will be posting a little more often than what has happened in the past couple months. I hope everything finds you all well.