Sunday, June 05, 2011

Okay So I Was Wrong

I guess tonight is the last night of the sale, but oh well.

Vega (Balrog) used to be an awesome character. I can't help but think that he is based off of Geki from SF1 but they decided to go with a cooler design and not make almost everyone from Asia. He seems like they shoe horned him into a representative from Europe. I think he benefited from it, because fighting a narcissistic bull fighter is way better than a generic ninja. All in all, they ended up with one of the more standout designs that made what Street Fighter is known for today. As a fighter goes, Vega stood for something in Street Fighter II. I remember actually being able to jack up anybody with him. Then Alpha 3 came around and he sucked and he remains so till this day as a bottom tier fighter. Here's to the glory days of SF2 (for Vega, at least).

*edit* So after a little investigation at the urging of Xenozip, I have discovered that Vega is A tier for competitive fighting in Alpha 3. As for CVS2, I will just assume he is good too.