Saturday, October 01, 2011


Before Phantom of the Opera, but after Music Man, Michael Crawford was Disney's Condorman. When I was a kid, I scoured the rental store every week to see if they had condor man. This was back when all VHS's came in those gigantice plastic cases. This was when you actually had to rent VHS players and they not only were huge but they came in two parts.
I have always wondered why Disney swept this movie under the rug. Every other film in their vault has eventually come to see the light of day again. However, as I combed over the internet, I came to find out that Condorman really sucks. I guess it is like when I wished for the day that Black Cauldron would come out. When it finally did, I purchased it without a second thought. That first viewing of Black Cauldron singlehandedly dashed my childhood memories. I wondered, if Black Cauldron is this bad what does that mean about my other memories??? Well years have gone by and after second viewings of all my favorite cartoons as a kid, I decided that kids like stupid things.