Monday, November 19, 2012

Going Old School

Our exceptionally talented character designer at ChAIR who refuses to do a blog, Bert Lewis, enjoys watching really crappy movies and TV. He was watching The Return of the Incredible Hulk.
It features:
-Gratuitous slow-motion flexing
-A move where Thor uses his hammer like a Shake Weight
-A scene where Thor compliments a nerdy scientist for brutally gunning down a criminal
-Homoerotic scenes of Bruce Banner and nerdy scientist staring at Thor in a towel or Thor running on the beach
-And most of all horrible hulk hair.

 If I ever let my hair grow medium length without calming agents like gel. I get Hulk hair and my wife always makes fun of it.

 I often wonder how it would have turned out if 80's Hulk showed up in the last scene of Avengers when they are fighting the aliens, and approached his combat with them very similarly to how he fights on the 80's show: walks over and picks up a foam prop and then proceeds to flex in slomo for the next ten minutes.


Marion McClellan said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Mandy is right, you totally have hulk hair...if it gets too long!!! :) Thanks for making me smile today. (Ford has it too!)

Emerson Fialho said...

Amazing work, congratulations! Very cool!

Mimi Cortazar said...

very cool ! :)

Sam Nielson said...

I'm totally getting a Cory Loftis vibe again here. I feel sad sometimes when I think about how cool Cory Loftis and you are. I really do.

Dave McClellan said...

Once again, you have to go and destroy the myth that my childhood entertainment was better than what our kids watch today, but I forgive you because I can't stop laughing:)

Tyson Murphy said...

ughh. Bert really does need a blog. sweet painting!

Karim Qabrawi said...

5 stars :)))))

Matt Jackson said...

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