Friday, September 13, 2013

"Infinity Blade 3 Fan Art" you say?

I posted this for a few minutes on Tuesday but removed it in the end, deciding that it was a really confusing piece. Sure you can see that it is a dude squatting on something with clouds and rocks behind him. However good luck trying to figure out what he is on.


Kyle said...

looks like an interesting armored...thing. seems to be sprawled out and the guys is standing on his chest. head is behind the chest with arms out to the side?

either way, its a cool painting, and I dig it.

Michael McCabe said...

It's an armoured lobster or the fore arm and hand of a large armoured giant/robot - love it.

Eli Koretana said...

Its one of the Titans from infinity Blade 3, He's squatting on the arm, bellow the arm is a chest, and there is a head