Thursday, April 18, 2013

Italian David

My wife and I had a blast traveling to Europe last fall. We visited several countries, including Italy (specifically, Florence). We got to see Michelangelo's David (and it is amazing in person), Donatello's David (which my wife touched by accident), and about a million other peoples Davids. Every Tom, Dick and Henry seemed to have their own David. I started to wonder if most artists of the Renaissance, when they would start some art piece of a nude male, their friends would come up and ask them, "Hey Antonio, uh who is that naked dude?" They would be like, "Oh... Uh... yeah, that is my David!" (in my head they all talk like Mario Brothers, which by the way they actually do all sound like in Italy).

With so many Davids I felt left out as an artist and decided to do my own David based on what a current Italian David would look like. And I kid you not, every young Italian guy and girl looks like they just stepped out of an H&M catalog! I saw this exact guy like a dozen or so times. And they really do ride mopeds! I should do a modern Italian Madonna, but I don't know how appropriate that would be.

Speaking of which I saw these guys in Europe too.